Can We Gain “Celestial” Vision?

Tobymac’s Everything hit airwaves in 2018, but it’s been getting a lot of playing time at Casa de la Cera (that’s Spanish for the Wax house) recently. It’s an upbeat, positive song about seeing God’s work all around us. I enjoy the tune, and my kids really love it too.

Tobymac conveys the message that God changes the way we perceive people, and He illuminates struggles and hardship people endure. This is what I mean by “celestial” vision. As recipients of God’s mercy and forgiveness, we begin to see people and their situations things through the lens of grace. We start seeing things from God’s perspective.

For most of my life, I suffered from poor vision. Without glasses or contacts, I would literally have needed a seeing eye dog. A couple years ago, I was able to undergo surgery and receive ICL (implantable contact lens) surgery. Total gamechanger. I began seeing 20/10 moments after the surgery. My ophthalmologist basically implanted a customized lens in front of my natural lens. My eyes began to see variations of colors and distances I hadn’t seen in years (if ever). I’m so grateful for this surgery. Was the beauty non-existent before I had the surgery? Not at all. I just couldn’t see it.

Spiritually, this is what happens when God implants new, celestial lenses. He brings the beauty and the Imago Dei (man made in God’s image) to the forefront, bypassing our flawed, sinful nature lens. Sin obfuscates and blocks our ability to see God’s glorious work around us. Jesus’ blood shed for us on the cross reverses the curse, and our eyes are opened. He makes all things new (Revelation 21:5).

You can purchase Everything on Amazon for $1.29. Hope it reminds you of God’s faithfulness, his renewing works, and gets your week off to a positive start.

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