About J.T.

Justin “J.T.” Wax is a follower of Christ and a son of God (Galatians 3:26). He is a husband, father of four children, US Army chaplain, and Lead Pastor at Agape Humphreys. He is also the creator of Reflect.

Reflect seeks to strengthen followers of Jesus by helping them reflect His image to outsiders and reflect on the lives He’s given us. The goal is to become better disciples of Jesus who glorify Him and bring light to darkness. As a chaplain, J.T.’s mission is to strengthen Soldiers spiritually to better themselves, their families, communities, and country. This blog is a vehicle to serve the military community.

J.T. is the author of The Cera Kids Learn about Baptism (available for purchase at amazon.com). Proceeds from the book support the North American Mission Board and International Mission Board.

You can follow J.T. on Twitter, Facebook, or receive his columns via email.

The views expressed on these forums (this site, Twitter, Facebook, etc) are those of the author and do not reflect the official policy or position of the US Army, Department of Defense or the US Government.

2 comments on “About J.T.

  1. Picked up on you on “PrayerConnect” – Trust your ministry is going well. You captured my attention because I had a best friend “JT” and my daughter is Sara “Bethany” – God bless your ministry in Korea. Just a thought, what happens when you get a new duty assignment?


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