I Got You Covered: Top 5 Songs for Your Summer Play List

We’re officially halfway thru 2022. Here are a few newer songs I suggest to carry you through the back half of the year. Some of them aren’t exactly new, although they are maybe new to me. I could probably go top ten, but narrowing it down to five makes the list stronger. I’ll list the song below and include a few reasons why I like it and think it should make the cut.

1. Sparrows by Cory Asbury

A few weeks ago, I preached a message at Agape Humphreys on the Parable of the Persistent Widow. Around the same time I heard Sparrows listening to K-LOVE. I’m sure I’d heard it before, but it re-entered my psyche, and I just couldn’t stop listening to it. Love the truth sprinkled throughout the song.

2. Changes by Mat Kearney ft. Filous

Mat Kearney has long been a favorite artist. A few years ago I got to see him at an outdoor concert in Nashville, but it was cut short due to lightning. Just about everything he releases finds its way to a playlist. This is at least his second collaboration with Filous, and I really enjoy their music together.

3. Haven’t Seen it Yet by Danny Gokey

This is another song that popped up while I was working on the Parable of the Persistent widow message. What I love about this song is that it encapsulates so well what it means to live by faith. Sometimes in life, God turns our faith into sight. It’s a foretaste of the greatest moment that will happen when Christ-followers come face to face with Jesus.

4. Relate by For King and Country

These bros just keep churning out hit after hit. I really enjoy so much of what For King and Country puts out. They are probably best known for “God Only Knows.” Relate is a great song, because it speaks to everyone in some way. Every person understands their own pain and brokenness, but people following Jesus begin to see and respond to the brokenness in those around them. Growing spiritually means growing in humility. This truth is an undercurrent that makes the song connect and resonate.

5. Top Gun Maverick Soundtrack

I loved this movie, so much that I saw it three times with my family including once in 4-D. That was a brand new experience for us here in Korea. The soundtrack is equally terrific. I really think it is my favorite soundtrack since John Adams or Apollo 13. It’s just brilliant. I know a soundtrack isn’t a song, but the whole soundtrack is excellent. Just buy the whole soundtrack and thank me later.

Honorable Mentions:

Why Can’t You Wait by Chainsmokers

The Last of the Mohicans by Luca Stricagnoli

My favorite comment on this video: “I just used my guitar as fire wood after watching this…” Truly a masterful performance. Luca is one of the greats of our time.

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