What You Need to Know about Alpha and Life’s Ultimate Questions

A few weeks ago, our Tuesday lunch and Thursday night Bible studies began the Alpha Film Series. What I like about Alpha is that it is engaging and promotes honest conversations about life’s ultimate questions. Why are we here? Who is Jesus? How can I have faith? It’s a great way to introduce the Gospel to people who aren’t really religious. What I have found over the years is that many people have zero understanding of the Gospel. We use the term, “gospel” all the time. Gospel music, gospel style service, etc. But when I ask people what the Gospel is or if anyone has ever explained it to them, I almost always receive the reply, “I don’t know.” They might have experienced a caricature of Christianity, but they have never really gotten a taste of the real thing.

Alpha is a non-threatening way to invite friends and neighbors to think about ultimate questions and understand the basics of Christianity. And it’s completely free. If you want to lead an Alpha group, they provide instructional videos on how to do it.

The promo is at the top of the blog post. I’ve included the first episode, “Is there more to life than this?” Watching will give you a better understanding of the Alpha journey.

If you’re in the Pyeongtaek Korea area, contact me to connect to our Alpha group!

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