Korean Update: Adventures from Our First Summer on the Pen

Korea’s COVID situation is remarkably different than the United States. The virus is much more rampant in the north around Seoul. The risk to the rest of the country is still serious but much less than in the greater Seoul area. Consequently, we’ve been able to do some traveling. We visited a couple of beaches on the west coast (Daechon and Malipo) in June and July. We were amazed at all the star fish we found on the west coast beaches. They are beautiful and so common. We’ve also hiked the Bee and Honey Trail and Pinnacle 4–for the first time as an entire family. In July, our youngest son, Jonathan scaled Pinnacle 4 for the first time. It’s no easy climb, and Bethany and I didn’t know if he’d be able to pull it off. But he did. We were proud of the little man.

Our kids enjoying Malipo Beach

I’ve completed the editing process of my first book (a children’s book on baptism). Now I’m searching for a publisher. I could use your prayers on this endeavor. I truly believe the book will help kids better understand the ordinance of baptism and why it is important tenet of Christianity. So I want to find a willing publisher and great illustrator soon to get it printed and available to the church community.

Jonny’s first time scaling the summit of Pinnacle 4

In July, I visited the Independence Hall of Korea with my unit ministry team. It’s a remarkable museum with 6 exhibits that tells the story of Korea. It’s about a 40 minute drive south from our home. If you ever visit Korea, you should put it on your to do list. It’s really well done. We literally spent the day there. There are restaurants, shops, and even a hiking trail at the museum. You don’t need to leave the premises for food, rest, etc.

Bethany on the Bee and Honey Trail

The monsoon season arrived at the end of June. Torrential rainstorms have become the norm. There are days where I have attempted to air dry my Army OCP blouse (with little success). I’m really not high on Army rain jackets (or any jackets for that matter), but the monsoon downpours are making me reconsider my disdain for them.

The summer has been busy due to transition at our chapel community. Our terrific lead pastor at Agape, Chaplain (MAJ) Jake Snodgrass, went back the US with his family for their next assignment. We miss them, and transitions like these are always tough. We have a great team of chaplains, key leaders, and volunteers still here though and we press on. God is continuing to bless our chapel community. Even through COVID we’re experiencing challenges of growth and praying through major decisions of how to navigate it well.

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  1. bobby walters

    Love this, brother! Keep it up


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