Exploring the Song “Is He Worthy?” by Andrew Peterson

Justin originally published this post in March. He is taking a break from Reflect in August. He’ll be back in September with fresh content.

My favorite worship song over the past couple years is Andrew Peterson’s song, Is He Worthy? (available for purchase at Amazon for $1.29). The lyrics are biblically faithful, poignant, and powerful. I have enjoyed multiple arrangements of the song, but Andrew Peterson, Chris Tomlin, and Shane and Shane‘s are among my favorite.

What I like about Andrew’s music video version is that the song opens with just Andrew, isolated and alone. The lyrics lament the brokenness of the world and the lighting is dark. Andrew’s singing alone demonstrates the broken community between man and God after sin entered the world.

But as he sings about the new creation coming the lighting and ambiance become brighter and more hopeful. It’s a great picture of the hope and light Jesus brings to a dark and fallen world. I also appreciate how fellow believers surround Andrew symbolizing the community being restored between man and God. It’s simply brilliant and beautiful.

Chris Tomlin’s lyric version is stunning and worth watching as well. Both versions are strikingly different, but I think most people will appreciate both arrangements. Another great feature of the worship song is that it can be sung differently in congregational worship settings. For instance, the congregation can answer the questions or the congregation can sing the entire song with the worship leader or team. I love the way Andrew created flexibility in how it can be sung. It is truly an incredible, uplifting, and God-honoring song. I hope churches around the world embrace it for years to come, and it becomes a regular anthem sung by saints for generations.

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