Music Mondays: God’s Not Dead Soundtrack

I enjoy listening to various soundtracks when I’m working and don’t want to be distracted by words. My favorites include Gettysburg and Downton Abbey (entire soundtracks) and selections from Band of Brothers and The Pacific.

One I’ve enjoyed in more recent years is God’s Not Dead Soundtrack Excerpts from the original score. It’s $1.29 on Amazon, but the whole soundtrack album ($9.49 on Amazon) is really good and worth the extra bucks.

I hope you’ll sample it on Amazon and add it to your soundtrack list if you enjoy it. My kids worked my wife and me pretty hard about watching God’s Not Dead and God’s Not Dead 2 recently. Bethany and I saw God’s Not Dead when it came out in theaters in 2014, but we hadn’t seen God’s Not Dead 2. They’re both enjoyable movies. As a Tennessean, I loved seeing Fred Thompson appear in God’s Not Dead 2 shortly before his death in November 2015. The second film released in 2016. I’ve always been a Fred Thompson fan, and I miss him. As a Duck Dynasty fan, I enjoyed seeing Willie and Korie appear in the first movie and Sadie appear in the second film.

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